Here are some answers for your most frequent asked questions before your Big Day

Q. Where Can I buy a Musat Bridal Dress?
A. Check out our online showroom where you can choose your gown and contact us with your wishes from our collections. We also have Special Orders, where we can create a special dress designed only for you. To try our dresses check the store page within the website, to see the nearest showrooms featuring Musat dresses.


Q. What is the price for a Musat Bridal Dress?
Bridal gowns range from $4,500 – $8,500 depending on the model and requests. Evening gowns have different prices and are all featured on our online shop.


Q. I’m getting married next month, How long does it takes to create my dress?
A. Usually it takes a minimum of 3 months, but we also work with rush orders if your wedding date is not within this time span.


Q. I need accesories for my Musat Bridal dress. Can you help?
A. Yes! We definetly can help you make your dream come true. We also design matching headpieces, belts and veils hand-made from the finest pure silk fabrics and swarowsky crystals on special orders. Just give us an email with your wishes.

We will personally advise you in choosing the perfect items for you.


Q.I can’t find a stockist in my country. Can I buy a dress online?
A. OK, so we don’t have a stockist in every country but don’t worry, you can order online according to guidelines we provide for you and by sending us your measurements in centimeters, if you prefer a custom made gown. We highly advise for measurements to be taken by a local dressmaker or by someone who has done this before for more accuracy.


Q. I’m in love with my Musat Bridal gown. What is the best way to clean my dress after the wedding?
A. Dry clean the gown by a professional company.


Q. I like so many models from your new collection and I want to try them on. What is the best way?
A. Find the soonest trunk show and make your private appointment, or find the closest stockist from your location.


Q. I have two adorable flower girls! Can you create custom-made dresses for them?
A. We love flower girls so we thought about them too! They complete your wedding and bring you your valuable ring for life. 

Q. I want to feature Musat Bridal in my magazine or blog. How can I receive more information and photos for my article?
A. We are happy everytime you want to feature us and when our brides appreciate our quality and design.


Q. I was a Musat bride, can you post me on your Instagram?
A. Of course, we would love posting photos of your Big Day feeling great and happy in one of our dresses. 


Q. I own a bridal store and want to work with Musat Bridal.. How can I contact you?
A. Very simple, send us an email